How to Plan a Microwedding

How to Plan a Microwedding

While microweddings began as a necessity during the pandemic, the intimate, cozy atmosphere of the ceremony has made them a popular choice among couples, and the microwedding is going nowhere. The microwedding is the perfect option for couples who want a low stress wedding, and an intimate environment makes the day that much more special. If you’re planning a microwedding, we’re sharing our best tips for planning:

Start with the Venue


Finding the right venue for your microwedding is key. A venue that’s too big will feel empty, but a smaller venue will give your wedding that cozy atmosphere you’re looking for. One of the biggest benefits of a microwedding is that with a smaller number of guests, you can opt for a unique venue, like your favorite restaurant or even your own home!

Use Your Budget Creatively


Another huge advantage of the microwedding is that your budget goes much further. You’re getting less food, drinks, and rentals than a traditional wedding, giving you much more wiggle room with your budget. You can use that money to create a more unique menu, find the wedding dress of your dreams, or splurge on details that mean a lot to you and your fiancé. 

Find Your Unique Dress


With a smaller wedding, you can have a real fashion moment—with fewer guests, everyone’s sure to see all the stunning details of your dress. Find a wedding dress that you really love, and shine all night in it. Your guests will be in awe of the dress, especially since they’ll all be able to see how stunning it is up close. 

Choose Your Guests Carefully


A microwedding is perfect because of its small guest list—this means you’ll only have those most important to you there. With a small guest list, you’ll have to be selective in who comes, so it’s important to really consider each invite. We recommend trying to stick only to immediate family and close friends, people who you can’t imagine not being there on your wedding day.

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